Testimonial Gaylord & Marcie Chizek San Luis Obispo, CA

Testimonial Gaylord & Marcie Chizek San Luis Obispo, CA

Dear Richard,

Thank you for explaining the Hague Quality water system to us. We are glad that we have the
Hague Water System and the Hague Reverse Osmosis Appliance. The water spots of mineral
deposits have disappeared. The whole water system has required very low maintenance. They
did a very good job of installing the system and made an extra trip to bring out an extra large
osmosis tank since we had room for one.

Marcie likes the way the Hague Water makes her skin feels soft and smooth. It also makes her
hair feel very soft too. The water from the reverse osmosis system taste better so she is
drinking more water now. Not up to the 8 glasses of water a day yet, but she is working on it.
She loves ice water and Hague Quality ice water is the best. The Hague Quality Water is
definitely healthier and better tasting.

Our daughter, Jeanne, had been buying bottled water because she didn’t like the tap water
after-taste and now she says there is no after-taste with Hague Quality Water. She does not
have to buy bottled water anymore. It is saving her money not to buy bottled water so she
appreciates that. She says her skin and hair feels smoother and there is no chlorine smell.

We are all enjoying our Hague Quality Water and I am sure we will find other things we like
about it as time goes on. Thank You.


Gaylord & Marcie Chizek