Testimonial Ashleigh & Matthew Love Grover Beach, CA

Testimonial Ashleigh & Matthew Love Grover Beach, CA

Dear Richard,

My husband and I were very complimentary from the first day we met you at the Mid State fair. Of
course we were skeptical of your product, like all, but wanted to see your demonstration. We joked about the demonstration process and how it would end up, but much to our surprise the “shoe water” demonstration knocked us on our asses. To this day we compare everything to “shoe water”. When we see anyone drinking from their sink we turn to each other and say “I’d rather drink shoe water”. We have tried to explain to people how the little machine measures minerals in the water but every single person says it’s a scam and how Hague pulled a fast one on us. In reality the only people missing out are those people that are non-believers.

Ok, ok, we have soft water. Big deal, right? That’s what seems to be the consensus amongst our family and friends who still think we got ripped off. Well, the joke is on them. What we got was SO much more. Soft water, clean dishes, spot free shower window, tasteless water from the RO system, chemical free showers, spot free car, money in our pockets, and smiles on our faces!

Hey, maybe we can start a Hague Quality Water “following”. I’m a believer!

Thanks Richard!!