Testimonial – Allen & Fay Johnson – Atascadero, CA

Testimonial – Allen & Fay Johnson – Atascadero, CA

To whom it may concern:

We have been in our home for thirty years, and during that time we have purchased

several water softeners. We never really noticed a big difference in the past, but now that

we have the Hague water system the change is dramatic. Some of the changes that I

(Fay Johnson) have noticed are:

1. My hair is more manageable. I use to have dry, frizzy hair. I use far less hair product
after shampooing to style my hair.

2. The white clothes are whiter, even without using bleach products.

3. My skin looks younger.

4. The drinking water tastes better

5. The soap scum on the shower door is far less.

6. After I cleaned the water stains around my faucets, they have re-occurred.

7. I use far less detergent.

8. But most importantly, I have stopped wheezing.

We have only had our Hague water system since August 11, 2009, and I have already

noticed so many benefits. It makes me wonder what the long term effects will

be on our home, and out health. I am sure that the effects will benefit us and save

us money on improvement, replacement, repair costs, and health costs.

I am a nurse educator and knowing that the chlorine is out of my water is a great comfort.

I am well aware of the carcinogenic properties of chlorine. The fact that I have stopped

wheezing is significant.


Allen and Fay Johnson