Water Concern – Silica – Silicon Dioxide

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Complimentary Water Analysis

Silica is one of the most common compounds on earth. It’s also referred to as Silicon Dioxide.

Silica is made of silicon and oxygen. As long as you’re not breathing it, the compound is considered non toxic and an essential nutrient.

It’s believed to make up half of the earth’s crust. Like everything else in the ground it ends up in our water.

We have detected silica in both

    • Municipal “City” Water
    • Private “Well” Water

We see concentrations between 27 ppm and 87 ppm on the central coast.


Do you have a functional water softener but are still experiencing what seem like hard water problems?

  • Dry brittle hair
  • Build up around your faucets
  • Damaged mixing valves

If you answered yes to these questions you may be dealing with silica. A water softener will not remove silica.

The only way to know for sure if you are dealing with silica is to test your water.

Our silica test only costs $20.

The bad hair day that lasted 7 years

We moved into our new home on a private well. We had installed a sediment filter and a water softener the very first week we moved in.  The water was crystal clear and the dishes came out looking clean. Mission accomplished, or so I thought.

Within a matter of weeks my wife started to notice changes in her hair. She always had healthy shiny hair, even when she had hard water.  In a matter of weeks my wife’s hair began to look and feel different. This was clearly not her hair.

We spent countess hours of research, thousands of dollars on water systems and testing to determine that the cause of her hair problems were do to silica. Because it’s not a health related concern there was very little information on the internet about silica and hair issues.

I live with my wife and two daughters.  My wife and older daughter have thick hair. My youngest daughter has very thin hair. What we observed was my daughter with thin hair couldn’t grow her hair out because it kept breaking off. The silica coated her hair so badly that it caused it to break apart. She desperately wanted to grow her hair long but it was physically impossible.

My wife has never colored her hair but with all the silica buildup on her hair it would have been impossible to keep her hair colored. In 2017 we found a solution for the silica that actually worked and has make all the difference for my wife and daughters hair. The solution was expensive but so is a lifetime of expensive hair products and salons to try and band-aid a water problem.

If you are looking for a whole house silica filtration system contact Hague Quality Water of Los Osos CA.