Testimonial LaRue Mcllwain San Luis Obispo, CA

Testimonial LaRue Mcllwain San Luis Obispo, CA

Dear Richard:

We purchased The Hague Water Softener and the Reverse Osmosis system
and it was installed on August 31, 1999

We have noticed a great difference in our water since it was installed.
When we take a shower, it still feels like you have not rinsed the soap off
as there is such a slick feeling to the skin. We are using less soap for
both clothes and dish washing. The washed clothes feel much softer. We
have been drinking green tea which leaves a film around the rim of the
mug. My wife used the rough side of the sponge to rub it off. Since we
have the system and reverse osmosis system there is no longer a film.
Everything seems to taste better from the beverages and cooking. I have
washed the car and I didn’t wipe the water from the car.

I know we will enjoy this purchase for a long, long time.


LaRue Mcllwain


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